Holdly EP

by Florist

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hold + holy


released October 30, 2015

Recorded by Florist at 603 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


Florist New York

Florist is a friendship project that was born in the Catskill Mountains.

booking ~ ghorbal@apa-agency.com

PR ~ eloyl@grandstandhq.com


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Track Name: Vacation
i don’t know how to be
what i wanted to be when i was 5
sometimes blue eyes sometimes green
bike rides
snow hikes and christmas lights
sometimes freezing sometimes warm
i don’t know if i can love that anymore
cuz i got it all
i got it all mistaken
for a meaningful life and a fun family vacation
like when i used to ride roller coasters with my dad
when a swimming pool in a hotel was a gift from god
like love or like a family
i don’t know how to be
maybe i just wanna get married
maybe i just wanna fall asleep
but at least i know that the world is spinning when we’re tangled in the bedsheets
and at least i know that my mom is breathing when we talk on the phone
and at least i know that my house won’t burn down down to the ground
or maybe it will
if i’ve been in love before, and i’m pretty sure i have
i’m pretty sure that my house can burn down down to the ground tomorrow
if i’ve been in love before and i know that i have, then i know that my house can burn down down down down to the ground tomorrow
Track Name: Cool And Refreshing
i'm so terrified of all the things i love i know that i will lose them all one by one
but that's not what i think about when i look into the sky, i see sunlight that is blinding and it just hurts my eyes

i'm trying to be fine but i lie about the things i say will never die
like memories, forgiveness, and the light inside my eyes

it's terrifying
it's totally fine

think of me by the creek in cut off jeans holding onto something that has meaning to me
i don't really think my life will ever make me as happy as Kaaterskill creek

i'm trying to be good but i'm done
no wait just kidding i'm not
cuz i still have that feeling of water above my knees

it's cool and refreshing
and that won't fade away
Track Name: Unholy Faces
we come in through the morning
until the long time ago
and we search in through the morning
cause you have lost your soul

don't go don't go
your dinner is waiting on me
don't go i don't want you to go but i know you must go today

we're erasing lines on our unholy faces
we eat our souls and don't bother to replace them

go get another cup of that poison drink that you love
it attracts all the monsters who want to eat you up
our words are no longer sacred when we speak
the only ones who can hear them
are the ones who left last week
Track Name: Remembering Spring 2013
hold me down and say you never loved me that much
i know you won't
but that's okay i'd do the same

after dark meet by the bridge go for a walk
and clare would talk about the moon
i said if this is the ending of the world, i don't think i'd be upset
but that's okay
you'd say the same
Track Name: Holdly
i was raised by the river and the rocks and the sun that shines over the mountains before it gets dark
that holy night

and if i'm alone, i'll know it alone
what it feels like to not feel your body apart or the things you love to feel
so i let it go

hold me when i'm starting to cry
i don't want you see it
i'm sorry i'm trying to look away
but you just look at me
don't you want to believe in something that changes the way you believe in nothing?
that unholy nothing that i wanna be
that unholy nothing
that unholy something
that unholy something that i wanna be