6 days of songs

by mle from florist

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from a song a day project that emily did in may with eskimeaux, frankie cosmos, small wonder, and japanese breakfast. you can see the whole project here: may5to12songs.tumblr.com

these are the first songs that i wrote on guitar after not being able to play for 3 months because of an arm injury.


released May 28, 2014

everything by emily sprague with the exception of vocal tracks by gabby smith and susannah cutler on "what do i do today"



all rights reserved


Florist New York

Florist is a friendship project that was born in the Catskill Mountains.

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Track Name: for the sea creatures
creatures of the sea you’re not real to me
living water things don’t stop to think of me

you could be pretend
and i would never know that
but i could be pretend
and i could never know that

i’m not in a sea
i’m in new york city
i’m right by the sea
i’m in new york city

but i am just as alone
as the atlantic ocean i am just as alone
Track Name: what do i do today ft. eskimeaux & yours are the only ears
gabby thank you for cutting my armpit hair the other day
now i have to cut yours to make it a fair trade

we go to the store today to get blister band-aids for susannah
she’s got bubbles on her toes they’re filled with goo and they’re painful

what do i do today?

i’ll wait for felix to come home so we can go to the aquarium
and kiss on the mouth by the fish in the tank and touch the stingrays but not die that day

what do i do today?
what do i do today?
Track Name: two ativan
two ativan for the day i get another ct scan
one cup of coffee and a leftover slice of pizza from last night

wouldn’t this be easier if i never left my home
wouldn’t this be easier if i stayed in the mountains alone

a mom and a dad who always do their best
but even they couldn’t stop me from near death
you know what i’m glad i broke my neck
it stopped me from thinking about the things that make me sad

wouldn’t this be easier no it never would
wouldn’t this be better no wait it never could
Track Name: 1914
grab me by my shoulder blades and hang me out to dry i’m a mess and i need someone to help me out with that

eyes just like a skyline even when they’re wet and the window is foggy and the window has a tint

a bed of flowers, stacks of wood, and a note
a farewell letter from 100 years ago
please remember to feed the cat
please remember that i’m never coming back

i was born in 1994
i was born in the 70s
i was born in 1823
and you were born right next to me
Track Name: white light doorway
white light doorway here i am in the flesh again
does this make you want to see me here again
i’ll shout i’ll scream i’ll walk back but you’ll bring me in
white light doorway please spare me please forgive my sins
golden flowers metal diamonds on the wall
i’ve not been there i’ve not been here
please come quick i’ve stuck my head in the banister again
i slid and pulled and chafed my neck i’m freaking out
please come quick i stuck my head in the banister again
but i just wanted to know what it would feel like
with one part of my body alive
Track Name: for my mom
it’s mothers day i love you mom i made some scrambled eggs
i went outside and watched the birds like i know you did today
i’m sorry i’m not there to eat some lobster and watch a movie later
i’m sorry i’m not there to hang out in the living room with paul newman
it’s mothers day i love you mom
it’s mothers day but i love you everday